"Mr Edgeworth is a fantastic Choi Kwang Do instructor. My two sons and I have benefited from his great teaching skills over the last 5 years which sees all of us achieve our black belts. he was always on hand for help and advice even after class. Nice guy and talented martial artist." 

Mark Weller, 1st Degree Black Belt 



I have known Mr.Edgeworth for 11 years, and in those years he has become a good friend. His martial arts skill is impressive, as is his ability to teach- young and old. Mr.Edgeworth's classes are always informative and fun, I could not ask for a better CKD role model. CKD is a great martial art for anyone, and Mr.Edgeworth will be able to help anyone."

Tia Dean, 3rd Degree Instructor



When I first started at The Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do Mr Edgeworth was the first person I encountered and he was very pleasant and approachable: very welcoming. From there on, he has always been there to me and my fellow students. Clacton is very lucky to have this instructor in their vicinity. We'll miss him. Nevertheless, a great location with a great team to match. Pil Seung Edge CKD! ...and thank you so much  for having us. All the best!!! 

Mr Tharpe, 1st Degree Black Belt, Green Tag

I’ve known Richard for 5+Years and he has helped me through my years in Choi Kwang Do at the Cassar Academy and I appreciate everything he has done, as I arrived there as an shy person and within time I got to speak with some of the instructors. Richard was the first person I got on with. Now he’s moved down to Clacton-On-Sea and started his own Choi Kwang Do School, I can honestly say  he’s gonna do so well and we’ll continue to support him and his family and all I can say is thank you for everything you have done Richard and good luck for the future - Pil Seung Sir 

Trevor Hookins, Brown Belt Senior


I first met Mr. Edgeworth in 2006 when I was first introduced to Choi Kwang Do. His passion, skill, and knowledge of the art was apparent from the beginning. He has taught every member of my family with confidence, empathy, and dedication. His ability to teach different ages and abilities in such a professional manner is true testament to the instructor he is, as an assistant instructor I know how difficult that is. I have no doubt that anyone under his instruction will flourish and be guided with such commitment and dedication, the way the art of CKD is supposed to be learnt

Caroline Dean, 1st Degree Blue Tag


Having moved to Clacton in the last 9 months, I wanted to try something new. I started at Edge CKD and in the couple of months I have been training I have seen a difference in myself. Due to my work, I often finish late at night, and with what I have learnt at Edge CKD has made me feel more confident in case anything was to happen- I would be able to look after myself. Choi Kwang do is amazing and I'm feeling the benefits after every class.

Jodieci Jarvis, Orange Belt