My name is Richard Edgeworth I'm a 5th degree black belt and a Master instructor in Choi Kwang Do. I started CKD 20 years ago in London, when I was just 10 years old, and I haven't looked back since. During that time I have trained under Masters, and spend most of my CKD career at the Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang do under Master V. Cassar and have trained with the Grandmaster (the founder of the Martial Art) many times. I have also trained and visited Choi Kwang Do international headquarters

In 2012 I was part of Team GB's demo team at the 25th Anniversary of CKD celebrations. I've also traveled to South Korea in 2015 (The home country of the Grandmaster) to grade for my 4th degree in front of Grandmaster Choi.



I moved to Clacton with my family in 2017, and have opened my own CKD school as I want to promote this fantastic art.

Master. Edgeworth attended the 30th Anniversary of CKD in the UK in 2018, which was the last large-scale seminar with Grandmaster Choi himself!

Most recently in September 2021 Master Edgeworth successfully passed his 5th degree black belt test in front of Grand Master Choi and was promoted to the rank of master.