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Martial arts class bowing to each other to start a drill

Martial art school in Clacton! Run by Master Richard Edgeworth. We run classes twice a week for children, adults and families. Whatever your reason for starting martial arts; be it fitness, confidence, self defense or anything else, you will feel welcome at Edge CKD.


Choi Kwang Do is a modern martial art that is designed for practical self defence.

The Choi Kwang Do system is based on the principles that its self-defense techniques should:

  • Generate maximum force

  • Be practical and easy to learn

  • Enhance the individual's health as they practice

  • Develop reflexes and ability to respond against threats

  • Develop mental as well as physical conditioning

Choi Kwang Do is a non-violent art, where we aim to develop health and character not only in ourselves but anyone else who needs our assistance. Our motto, is 'Pil Seung', which in Korean means 'certain victory'. This never is never aggressive, rather reminds us to not give up and not break our spirit. Choi Kwang Do is a family friendly art, and has a great local and global community.




At Choi Kwang Do, individuals may train at any age and enjoy the benefits of fitness and longevity. Levels of intensity, frequency and duration are all systematically developed for wellness. We encourage all our students to exercise regularly and to live a wholesome lifestyle. All movements and drills are designed with the human body in mind, and are performed in line with the body's natural movements.

 If you would like more information about the origins and benefits of Choi Kwang Do please visit         http://www.choikwangdo.com/

The Principles of Choi Kwang Do 






Unbreakable Spirit